Teaching Maths and Physics in and around Gorleston, Great Yarmouth


Mathematics is the art of thinking - still, there is nothing in it until higher university levels what would be "abstract". There are tools you learn to use even before fully understanding the concept behind it, but in many cases teachers fail to explain that it is not necessarily your fault if it looks like "magic". Mathematics is about creating concepts based on what you see, then expanding those, generalizing them and using them on other areas.
I can guide you through with live examples from your favourite subjects (supposing mathematics is not one of them if you need help), helping you on the way to form clear concepts, ask questions and find answers along the way! That is the way to learn new ways of thinking, look at problems differently and find solutions what others wouldn't.
After a short assessment we will find the corner-stones, the really solid points in your knowledge we can build on, and we work from there to find the quickest way to get you to the level where you need to be for your next exam/test!
Whether you are in elementary school or university (up until the 2nd/3rd year, depending on what is your principal subject) this way mathematics is easy and you will be richer not just with a set of tools to be used for a limited number of problems, but with a differnet way of thinking that stays with you for the rest of your life - even if maths won't be the most important part of it.


Physics is all about how our world works. We see something, create a model, which won't be perfect, then we test it's validity, test it's limits. You cannot teach physics without explaining the why's, how's, what-if's - and you cannot expect anyone, let he or she be 12 years of age or 24, to accept "just because".
Physics is not about laws of this and that or rules - it is about experience, thinking, and testing. How I teach physiscs is obviously very similar how I teach mathematics: building on the solid blocks in your knowledge, using examples from areas you are familiar with broaden your thinking, understanding and find the quickest way to where you have to be by the time of your next exam or test.